Rental Inspection

First-Time for Rent Residential Rental Property

If you place your property on the rental list for the first time, you must complete a “first-time for rent inspection” and correct all code violations before a Certificate of Compliance is issued. Thereafter you will be subject to annual rental inspections.

For Rent Checklist

  1. Fill out the “First-Time for Rent” Application and pay the fee
  2. Schedule your inspection with the Building Department
  3. A list of licensed contractors who may be contracted to perform work on your property, if needed, is available upon request. This list should also be used to obtain a licensed contractor for your roof, furnace, and infestation certifications
  4. Certifications for your furnace, fireplace, wall heater and hot water heater must be submitted prior to occupancy
  5. Obtain the inspection report from the Building Department
  6. Correct all violations, if any
  7. Schedule a re-inspection appointment, if needed
  8. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued upon completion of all violations
  9. The Certificate of Compliance is valid for approximately one year. Thereafter an Annual Inspection will be required.

View First time for Rent Application Form (PDF)

Annual Rental Inspections of Property

No owner, agent or person in charge of a one-family, two-family, multiple family dwelling unit or structure, or commercial/industrial structure shall allow any person to occupy the same as a tenant or lessee unless said unit or structure shall have been inspected once during each year in which the multiple-dwelling unit or structure was occupied and determined to be in compliance with all health and building laws and code of the village as evidenced by a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Building Director.

All landlords will be notified by mail on the 15th of the month prior to their required annual rental inspection due date and applicable fee.

The annual rental inspection program begins in March and ends in September.

Basic Rental Inspection Requirements

  1. Smoke Detectors: In all bedrooms and on every level; must be 18 inches from door inside sleeping area and within 15 feet of every sleeping area.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Must be within 15 feet of every sleeping area and in the basement near the furnace.
  3. Furnace and Gas Stoves: Must have shut-off valves that are exposed and accessible. A certificate of worthiness is required on all furnaces. If furnace is enclosed, vents must be provided for air source.
  4. Infestation: The elimination of insects and vermin or certification of continuing control service; Section PM 307.0.
  5. Plumbing: Pipes and fixtures must function properly and conform to Village code. Expansion tanks and back flow preventers must be installed. All vanities and water close supply lines must have shut-off valves and must be of metal type from shut-off to sink or water closet. A compatible water meter must also be installed; Section PM 501.0 through PM 507.0.
  6. Doors, Windows, Storm Panels and Screens: Must be functional, solid and crack free; screens will be free from tears, holes and band aid repairs. Windows and doors will be tight fitting, painted and weatherproof. No keyed deadbolts are allowed.