Citizen Complaints


The South Chicago Heights Police Department takes seriously all complaints regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of its members. The department will accept and address all written complaints of misconduct in accordance with policy and applicable federal, state and local law, municipal and county rules and the requirements of any collective bargaining agreements. It is the policy of the Department to ensure that the community can report alleged misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation. 

Upon completion of the investigation the Chief of Police will notify the complainant by mail of the findings of the investigation into the complaint.

Sending Complaints

All formal complaints must be filed in writing, Notarized and sent by registered mail to:
Chief of Police
Village of South Chicago Heights
185 West Sauk Trail
South Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Required Information

The letter to the Chief must contain: 

  1. The date and time of the incident.
  2. The location of the incident.
  3. The name of the officer or badge number (if known). 
  4. The specific allegation of misconduct.
  5.  Names of any witnesses to the incident.
  6. Copies of any evidence or supporting documentation. 
  7. The letter must be Notarized.