FAQ: Options After Receiving Violation

Paying Fines

You can elect to pay fine for the violation. The fine for the violation is located on the violation itself. 

Payment Options 

  • Phone: 866-562-4119 
  • Online at Red Light Violations website  
  • Mail (Only payable by check or money order). Send payment to:
    Village of South Chicago Heights
    Photo Enforcement Program
    P.O. Box 577
    Bedford Park, IL 60499

Important Notice

Payments for red light tickets will not be accepted at the police department.

Contesting the Violation

You can elect to contest the violation by mail or request a hearing date. To contest by mail fill in the “Contest by Mail” circle on the notice stub and on the return envelope. Enclose a letter in the return envelope signed by the registered owner of the vehicle setting forth facts that establish a defense. Also enclose any supporting evidence such as:

  • Affidavits
  • Official police reports
  • Photographs
  • Your state vehicle registration

Make sure the documents are legible and complete. Send copies, not originals; documents will not be returned. Enclose all evidence needed to support your defense because the hearing officer’s decision is final. All Contest By Mail materials can be mailed using the enclosed return envelope and must be received by the Pay or Contest Due Date. 

In-Person Hearing Requests

To request In-Person-Hearing fill in the "In-Person Hearing" circle on the stub and on the envelope. Mail the stub in the return envelope. 

Your request must be received by the Pay or Contest By Date. 

If you do not receive a Notice of your hearing date and time in 10 days, please call 866-562-4119. Please bring with you to the hearing all evidence needed to support your defense; the hearing officer’s decision will be final.