CodeRED Emergency Notifications

CodeRED is a FREE emergency notification service provided to all residents within the Village of South Chicago Heights that will notify you of emergency and general information through phone calls, text messages, emails, social media and the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. The system will be used to keep you informed of local events that may immediately impact your family. As a local resident, South Chicago Heights encourages you to take action and register your cell phone for this service and verify your home location during the enrollment process so we may target notifications that directly impact your home or business. Notification can include:

  • Missing Children
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Evacuation Notices
  • Public Health Crisis
  • Criminal Activity

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CodeRED Mobil Alert App

How are you leveraging today's robust mobile technology to receive time-sensitive communications during emergencies?  With CodeRED Mobile Alert app - the nation's most downloaded public safety notification app - OnSolve enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their mobile device whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country. 

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