What happens if I miss my assigned court/hearing date?


Compliance/parking tickets can be paid prehearing. If you wished to contest the citation and miss the hearing date (1st notice) you will have two more chances to attend the hearing. The fine cost will go up after every notice to appear/contest. 

Building/Ordinance Violations

Building/Ordinance violations are a must appear. Your court date is located at the bottom right corner of the violation and also on the notice to appear letter you receive in the mail. If you are unable to appear at the hearing date assigned contact the department by calling 708-755-3521 prior to the hearing to receive another hearing date.  

Moving Violations & Misdemeanor Court

Your court information is in the lower right corner of your citation. Court dates also appear on the bond you received at booking. If you miss your first assigned court date generally you will be notified of a second chance to appear. Missing court may result in a warrant for your arrest or suspended driver’s license.

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