What should I do if my dog is lost?

When your pet disappears, move quickly, before it has time to go far; 90% of lost dogs and cats are found within two miles of where they were lost. Mobilize help such as, family, neighbors, and friends. Assign tasks to everyone. Have someone call the South Chicago Heights Police Department non-emergency number 708-754-7131. 

Walk and drive through the neighborhood calling your pet. Have two people in the car when you are searching, someone can drive while the other looks. Be cautious when calling around busy intersections - your pet may try to cross the street to get to you.

  • If your pet is friendly with strangers, check parks and schools.
  • If your pet is shy, frightened, or injured, check places that offer seclusion.
  • Leave the gate to your yard open in case your dog returns home on its own.
  • Notify all residents in the immediate area to be on the lookout for your pet, leaving a written description, name, veterinarians and emergency animal hospitals, leaving information and stating that you will be responsible for any medical care your pet might need.
  • Notify surrounding animal control officials and all local animal shelters. Keep a record of which shelters you call; some will contact owners if the pet turns up, others need to be called on a daily basis.

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