If I were trapped in a burning building, would firefighters be able to rescue me?

This all depends on you and the fire protection features of the building you are in at the time of the fire. 

Relying on the expertise and resources of your local firefighters to save you in a fire is risky at best; the best rescue is self-rescue. 

  • Install smoke detectors in your home, and check them monthly. 
  • Have a fire escape plan that includes 2 ways out of each room/home, and practice it. 
  • Learn what to do in the event of fire in your home. 
  • Never re-enter a burning building. 
  • If you panic, your chances of survival decrease drastically. 
  • If you are trapped and you know the fire department is on scene, make your location known by yelling, opening a window and dropping something out, or calling 911 and relaying your location to the dispatcher. 
  • Stuff bedding or towels under the door to keep deadly smoke and gases out of the room. 
  • Do not hide under a bed or table! Stay near a window or doorway. Firefighters are taught to search under windows and doorways during rescue searches. 
  • If you are on a second floor you may be able to hang from a window and drop to the ground without suffering significant injury. 
    • This option should be considered a last resort, when smoke and/or heat make the room you are in uninhabitable.

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