Overseas & Military Voters

Suburban Cook County voters who live overseas or are serving in the U.S Armed Forces may register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot by completing a Federal Postcard Application (FPCA). 

The FPCA is current for one calendar year and ensures that the voter will automatically be sent an absentee ballot for each election held in that year. Ballots and election materials are sent by mail, email, or fax, whichever method the voter indicates on the application.

Individuals Eligible For FPCA

Categories of voters are eligible to use the Federal Postcard Application include:

  • U.S citizens who no longer maintain a residence in suburban Cook County but lived there immediately prior to relocating abroad
  • Members of the U.S Armed Forces and their spouses and dependents stationed in the U.S or abroad and whose last civilian address was in suburban Cook County
  • U.S. citizens whose permanent residence is in suburban Cook County but will be temporarily residing abroad on Election Day
  • In all of these instances, you are eligible to vote absentee even if you are not currently registered. Your Federal Postcard Application will serve as a registration application as well.

More information is available on the Cook County Elections website.