Transfer of Real Estate

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Transfer Certificate

Whenever there is a proposed change of ownership or possession of any commercial or residential building, such change shall not be made unless a Transfer Certificate has been issued by the Building Department.   The requirement of obtaining a Transfer Certificate are mandatory on all changes of ownership or possession of residential or commercial building located with in the Village.  Before the Transfer Certificate is issued, an inspection of the premises is required and a final water bill must be paid.  


The inspection fee for a single dwelling residential property is $175. Fee for a multiple dwelling is $175 plus $25 per unit and includes 2 inspections (first and final), thereafter an additional fee of $25 will be assessed per inspector.

For commercial and industrial properties, the fee is $200 plus $25 per additional unit and includes 2 inspections (first and final), thereafter an additional fee of $25 will be assessed per inspector. The for-sale inspection is valid for 90 days from Inspections date.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and certified or cashier checks.

Transfer Certificate Application (PDF)

Basic Inspection Requirements

The building department will schedule and inspection of the premises and if the premises discloses that the premises is in compliance with the village building code, housing code, plumbing code, electrical code and all other village chapters relating to building construction and maintenance, a Transfer Certificate will be issued.

If an inspection of the premises discloses noncompliance with any of the codes or ordinances referred to herein, said department shall issue a noncompliance report and stating that the premises shall be brought into compliance within forty-five days, or by a date thereafter established by the building department.   

All utilities must be on by the date of inspection.

Transfer Inspection Checklist (PDF)


An owner who has not completed the repairs identified through the inspection may nevertheless transfer ownership of the property If the buyer, conveyee, transferee, assignee or successor in title, ownership or interest ("Buyer") has entered into an agreement with the village by signing a affidavit and agreeing to bring the structure into compliance within the time frame determined by the building director but within a period not to exceed on hundred eighty calendar days after the closing of the transaction.  

Buyer's Closing Affidavit (PDF)

If buyer enters into such agreement, a "Conditional Transfer Certificate" will be issued in order to allow the closing to be completed.