Video Gaming Terminals & Operator's License

The Village of South Chicago Heights regulates video gambling terminals (VGT) in accordance with the Illinois Video Gaming Act and the rules of the Illinois Gaming Board, and restricts locations of video gaming terminals within a liquor licenses establishment. 

21 Years Old or Older

Video gaming terminals must be located in an area restricted to persons over 21 years of age, the entrance to which is within the view of at least one employee of the establishment who is over 21 years of age. Any licensed establishment that allows persons under years of age to enter must segregate video gaming terminals in a separate area inaccessible to minors.  An owner, manager or employee over the age of 21 shall be present during all hours of operation when video gaming terminals are available for use by the public. 

Fee Established for License

Video Gaming Terminal Establishment License:   $250.00 per Video Gaming Terminal (fee imposed upon licensed establishment hosting machines. Payable upon renewal of annual liquor license application and invoice. 

Video Gaming Terminal Operator’s License:  $1,000.00 per Video Gaming Terminal (fee imposed upon Terminal Operator leasing or placing terminals into licensed establishments).


Terminal Operator: Any individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company that is licensed under the Video Gaming Act, 230 ILCS 40/1 et seq., and that owns, services, and maintains VGTs for placement in licensed establishments, licensed truck stop establishments, licensed large truck stop establishments, licensed fraternal establishments, or licensed veterans establishments.

Person:  Any  natural  individual, including a firm, organization, society, foundation, institution, partnership, association, joint stock company, joint venture, limited liability company, public or private corporation, receiver, executor, trustee or other representative appointed by order of any court, or any other entity recognized by law.

Licensed Establishment: any location within the Village that offers for play a VGT as authorized by the State of Illinois Video Gaming Act for which a license is required by the Village of South Chicago Heights Code of Ordinances.

VGT Establishment License 

It shall be unlawful  for any "person" as defined above to operate, allow to operate, offer for play or otherwise make available any VGT as authorized and licensed pursuant to the State of Illinois Video Gaming Act within the corporate limits of the Village of  South Chicago  Heights without first obtaining an annual VGT "Establishment License" issued by the South Chicago Heights Village Clerk. Said "Establishment License" shall be required for each VGT operated, allowed to be operated, offered for play or otherwise made available in a "licensed establishment" within the Village’s corporate limits. All such licenses shall expire on April 30th of each year. Said license fee is imposed directly upon the "licensed establishment" and said license application shall be submitted with the licensed establishment’s annual liquor license renewal or new application and approval of said "Establishment License" shall be a condition precedent to issuance of the applicant’s annual local liquor license.

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