Public Works Operation and Maintenance Program

Public Works staff is trained on topics such as: material storage, hazardous wastes, illicit discharges, equipment cleaning, vehicle maintenance, street maintenance, and lawn and landscape care. These matters are discussed during everyday operations.

Street Sweeping - The Village has the streets cleaned twice a year at a minimum.

inspections and maintenance -The Village periodically inspects and removes debris from manholes and catch basins. The Village repairs structures found to be in disrepair.

Stream Reconnaissance -The Village performs stream reconnaissance. This activity is done once per year and takes place where a stream enters and leave the Village limits.

Material Storage -Flammable materials are contained in an indoor fire-resistant cabinets or containers. Road salt materials are stored under permanent cover.

Fleet Maintenance and Cleaning - Maintenance and cleaning operations are conducted inside the PublicWorks Facility where floor drains are connected to a triple basin and the sanitary sewer system.

Landscaping and Pest Control - Pesticides and herbicides are only applied by properly trained and licensed staff.