Stop Water Service

Stop Water & Garbage Service - Final Utility Bill

A final water bill is required when selling a residential or commercial property or when a tenant moves in or out of a rental property. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request a final reading by calling the water department at 708-755-1880.

After reading, a final water bill is generated and the deposit will be applied to the final bill; a final bill is due upon receipt; any unpaid water and garbage bill is subject to disconnection.

  • Schedule a final reading at least 2 days prior to the date of your scheduled closing or change of tenant.
  • Pay with Cash, Money Order or Credit Card or a check from the attorney's office handling the closing of the sale.

Returned Check Policy

All checks returned must be paid by certified check, cash, money order, or Visa/MasterCard and will include an additional service fee of $25. If a returned check is not satisfied within 48 hours of notice, services will be terminated without further notice and both return check and shut-off fees will be added to the outstanding balance.