Payment Arrangements

The Village of South Chicago Heights offers a payment arrangement once per year to assist customers that are unable to pay their water bill. The customer must pay 50% of the current balance ; the remaining balance will be divided into payments that allow for the bill to paid in full before next billing cycle.


An account is considered ineligible for a payment arrangement if:

  • Water services have already been disconnected.
  • The account has been declared delinquent.
  • A previous payment arrangement was not in good standing.
  • The amount owed is less than $300.

If the agreement is not followed, the arrangement then becomes void and the customer will not be able to enter into another payment arrangement for one year to the date.

Payment Arrangement Steps

  1. Show proof of identification as the account holder.
  2. Pay 50% of the current balance.
  3. Agree to remaining balance payments.
  4. Sign the agreement the same day the initial payment is being made or the arrangement will become void.

The payment plan has been established to assist the account holder during the time of payment relief. However, it is NOT to be used as an ongoing means for water bill payments.