Vehicle Impoundment

Impoundment Reasons

A brief list of violations that may result in the impoundment of a motor vehicle, includes:

  • Abandoned vehicle or roadway hazard
  • Driver’s license suspended, revoked, cancelled or not valid while operating a motor vehicle
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, intoxicating compound, or any combination thereof
  • Fleeing of attempting to elude a peace officer
  • Investigative holds
  • Possession of drugs in a motor vehicle
  • Possession of unlawful firearms in motor vehicle
  • Violation of certain village ordinances
  • Other criminal activity 

Vehicle Impoundment Release

The registered owner of the vehicle is the one person that will be allowed to obtain the South Chicago Heights Police Tow Report Release Form. If the registered owner does not have a driver’s license they will be required to come to the Police Department with a photo I.D. along with two valid drivers to obtain the tow release. 

Vehicle Administrative Tow Fees (Cash Only) 

  • Investigative Hold - $60 
  • Traffic Arrest - $100 
  • Misdemeanor Arrest - $100 
  • Misdemeanor Drug Arrest - $250 
  • Felony Arrest - $500 
  • Felony Drug Arrest - $500 
  • DUI - $500 (6 hour hold on vehicle) 
  • Zero Tolerance Arrest - $500 
  • Scrapping or Scavenging - $500 
  • Abandoned Auto - $60
  • Accident - $60
  • Recovered Stolen Auto $60
  • Other Non-Criminal $60

Storage Fees

Storage fees if vehicle is held on the South Chicago Heights Police Department property will be $30 per day.

Important Notice

You must have exact amount for your tow release. No change will be available.

Towing Charges

Any charges involving the towing of the vehicle will be paid directly to the tow company. If the vehicle is left unclaimed a junk title will be requested by the tow company on a vehicle older then seven (7) years old. 

If the vehicle is less than seven (7) years old the tow company will be allowed to obtain a title on the vehicle and sell the vehicle according to state law. 

Tow Companies & Locations

A1 Towing
499 E. 16th Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Phone: 708-747-7067

Goldies Towing
1369 Dutch American Way
Beecher, IL 60401
Phone: 708-946-3758